Your FREE UK social media content calendar 2023 (updated)

Now updated from May 2023 onwards.

I got so fed up with ‘free’ social media calendars that didn’t give me the information I wanted to be properly useful to me. AND so many had the wrong dates on them.

So we’ve created this and checked the dates extensively.

We’ve included all the dates we think could be useful to you, and it’s mainly UK dates, with international dates indicated where relevant.

How to plan ahead with your marketing content

Take a look through the year and highlight the dates that jump out at you. EVERY business can get creative if they plan ahead a bit!

So think about the awareness days or events that are going to take place in 2023. How could your business do something related to those events?

Something fun and featuring people is going to be far more effective than a picture of any inanimate object (eg PLEASE don’t post a picture of a cup a tea and a chocolate on eg National Chocolate day!)

These awareness days and event days are your opportunity to reveal something positive about your business.

It’s your opportunity to CONNECT with your audience.

I got frustrated with social media calendars that just included a load of unverified dates, for the wrong years, with misinformation on them.

The BEST social media content calendar in the UK!

THIS calendar is relevant for UK businesses and business owners, teams and individuals, and indicates days that might be eg US but possibly popular in the UK too.

We hope it will prove the ultimate partner to your content calendar creation and will always give you something to post about even when inspiration is lacking!

Plan your social media content ahead of schedule too: get organised and highlight the days you think your business could make the most of.

Get creative with your socials: great content equals more followers, improves trust and credibility! And that’s what social media marketing is all about 😊

Lazy social media

On National Tea day: don’t just post that meme which asks people to vote for their preferred colour of tea. Get your team making tea! Show them sipping: find the person who has the weakest or the strongest. Ask for votes on that instead!

Lazy social can be worse for your business than no social at all: it’s all about the impression you give of your business. Is your business lazy? No? Then don’t let your socials hint at that.

Are you creative? Proactive? Interesting? Good people? Show us that!

Plan your social content over the holidays

This is going to be a bit of a contentious issue, I know. But I also know that my beloved husband can manage about two days over Christmas, of family stuff. And then he needs to escape!

Planning marketing for 2023 is a great use of time in the Christmas – New Year gap and it can be fun!

Use this social media content calendar for good: have fun planning your social media marketing calendar!

Susie & the team 😊


Susie Bulman
Social media specialist

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