Grow your Instagram quickly and cheaply, 2023

Use the collaboration option strategically for fast organic growth

This is a hack that actually does work for growing your Instagram account quickly.

It’s genuine and absolutely permitted too!

IF you do it the right way, of course!

HOW to grow your Instagram fast

You’re going to be using the Collaboration tool – this means you collaborate on content with another creator or business on Instagram.

Collaboration means the content you create will eventually appear on both your Instagram accounts.

And your account will get the benefit of THEIR following, likes, saves and all engagement.

They’ll also get the benefit of all your followers engaging with the content.

First steps to quick Instagram growth in 2023

Do a bit of background work.

Have a think about how you can work with another content creator, or business.

Think about content you could create that THEY would like to see on their account, too

(Tempt them by offering to create something with zero effort from them so they can sit back and enjoy the fruits of YOUR labour)

Tell them you’re going to create it

OR create it, invite them to collaborate, and email them or call them as well to let them know you’ve sent the request through and would they mind accepting it.

In some cases you don’t need to contact them behind the scenes as well. Because they see your content and accept the request because they like it.

But dropping them a line to let them know is usually best practice.

How do you collaborate on Instagram?

Create your content, edit as you normally would (add trending audio etc), then go to ‘tag people’ and you’ll see the option to tag and to collaborate.

Click ‘collaborate’.

Watch our how-to video!

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