Stop Facebook from blocking your advert account

Stop Facebook from blocking your advert account

SO many advertising accounts are getting blocked at the moment.

And usually for no good reason.

It’s so unfair when you’ve spent so long building it up, creating audiences, honing your advertising.

And then BAM, suddenly you can’t do it anymore.


The main way to stop the Facebook advertising block is to enable all the security settings you possibly can and make sure you’re following ALL the safety and security measures Facebook offers.

Make sure you’re using Business Manager

Not just Business Suite. Confusing I know. If you only have Business Suite or can’t find Business Manager, go to SETTINGS, then Business Settings. If you haven’t got Business Manager, it will invite you to set up a Business Manager: so do that.

Can’t find Business Manager?

Can’t find either? Go to Ads Manager, then click on the 9 dots which is Business Tools. Then go to Business Settings.
This should take you to Business Manager (if you have one) or it will invite you to create one.

Not got Business Manager?

Not got Business Manager? Follow Facebook’s advice on setting one up properly. Add in the pages and advertising accounts you own. Add the people on your team.

Set up two factor authentication on Business Manager and Instagram too

Get everyone in Business Manager to set up two factor authentication. This is a security step and although it might not be an obvious reason for your account being blocked, it is a reason accounts get blocked. So it’s important.
It isn’t too annoying: it will only require a code every time you use a new browser or device to access Facebook.
Go to Business Settings
Security Centre
And select whether people need Two factor authentication or not. Make sure it is required for everyone to be on the safe side.
Set up two factor authentication on your Instagram page too. Go to Settings and Privacy and do what it asks you to do.

Try to verify your Business

While in Security Centre, see if you can click on Verify your Business. If you can’t, it’s because you haven’t been active enough on Facebook Advertising but after a time, it should become clickable and you can start the verification process. This is another good thing to do to ensure your account is safer from the dreaded BLOCK.

Make sure all your business information is correct

Under Business Settings, scroll to Business Info, and make sure that all your business information is correct. Fill in as much as possible.

Make sure you verify your domain

Go to Business Settings and scroll down to Brand Safety. Under that you’ll see DOMAINS. You can make sure that Business Manager recognises your domain as being yours: it’s another security step worth taking.
You’ll most like need your web developer’s help to enable you to add the code or carry out the steps to allow you to verify your website.

Follow advertising rules

A lot of accounts are being blocked for using words that Facebook’s Bot has scanned as being against their terms and conditions.
The ‘full’ list from Facebook is here. It’s not very detailed (at all!) but it’s much better than it used to be. There are obvious rules such as no alcohol or drug advertising but others are more vague and quite tricky to anticipate.

I’ve read plenty of articles that say usually a blocked account is user error: well I don’t agree with that. The bots seem to have gone a bit haywire lately and are blocking accounts that shouldn’t be blocked.

If you get stuck and your advertising account has been blocked, there are steps you can take to rectify it or get in touch with Chris or myself for help.

Susie 😊

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