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Susie and Chris specialise in social media advertising on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

We create adverts that spend anything from £200 a month to £20,000 a month. We drive your ROI down and find the people who want to buy from you and hear from you. Effective advertising that connects with people and sells them what they want.

What will social media advertising do for your business?

Find your audience on Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn

We specialise in Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn advertising and work with you to determine the platform that will work best for your business to achieve your objectives. Before any advertising campaign, we work out a strategy based on effective visuals and content that will engage and disrupt as needed. We'll help your business stand out.

Target the right people

Maximise your ROI and reach the people who want to hear from you. We use all the advanced audience tracking and targeting methods available on social advertising platforms to find the people most likely to buy. We don't like to advertise in a huge pond because it's expensive. We work hard to qualify your audience before serving them an advert.

Increase your audience

Grow your social media presence by growing your audience. We use lookalike audiences and pixel tracking to profile your customers and reduce your ROI as the advertising campaign progresses. Anyone who engages with your brand/service in any way, even just watching a good portion of your video, becomes part of your funnel.

Social advertising as an investment

Social media advertising is an investment: part of the advertising spend gets straightforward results such as traffic to your site, or enquiries, but if people don't do what you want them to (eg click or enquire) they aren't 'lost'. If they engage in any way, they are in your funnel and you can remarket to them.

What our clients say...

Chris Lynch
APC Solutions
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Great depth of knowledge and understanding across social media platforms. They really do turn social media activity into new business and new leads for us.
Darren Kenyon
Gymophobics Owner
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Please can you stop the social media adverts? They're going to so well, we can't keep up!

Social Media Marketing Agency

Did you know, more than half the world’s population uses social media? That is a HUGE stat. A statistic that as a business you simply can’t ignore.

Every day, more and more people are connecting via the medium of social media. In fact, over the past decade, social media has become one of the most effective and powerful tools for getting businesses in front of and communicating with the right audiences. 

As a leading social media marketing agency, we know what we’re talking about. From visual content on Instagram, through to corporate engagement on LinkedIn, our expertise and specialist know-how enables our clients to stand out from the crowd across all social media platforms.

Social Media Marketing Training

How can social media support my business?

If used effectively, social media can help increase brand awareness, enable you to engage with your target audience and bolster leads and sales. These days, it’s an element of digital marketing which should form the backbone of any marketing strategy.

Social media enables you to build your brand’s presence, create your organisation’s personality and speak directly to the individuals you want to be marketing to. Social media enables you to start a conversation and foster trust in your offering, services or product.

Whether you’re looking to launch a new business, share news about your latest development or simply engage with the digital community, social media channels open a world of possibilities.

Why work with a social media marketing agency?

Don’t be fooled by the fact that everyone is on social media. Take it from us, it’s not just a walk in the park. If you want your social media platforms to work for you and your business, it’s important to make sure that you have the right skills and expertise backing you.

It’s not as simple as just setting up an account and posting a few updates. If you want to do social media right, you need to have a strategy in place… And this can be time consuming.

How many times a week should you post? What is the tone of your copy? Do you have enough visuals and photos to share? How will you get people engaging with you posts? Who do you want to be target? Do you have budget for paid ads? The list of considerations is endless.

As a consequence, businesses often fall at the first hurdle. Social media can become a chore, rather than an effective marketing tactic.

Ultimately, employing the skills of a social media marketing agency enables organisations to ensure that their social media platforms are always in safe hands.


Squarestar Digital - a social media marketing agency which packs a punch

If you’re looking for a specialist social media marketing agency which delivers exceptional results, you’ve come to the right place.

Our experience and knowledgeable team has years of experience working with clients across a multitude of different sectors, curating effective social media strategies which have helped countless businesses reach their objectives and goals.

From crafting creative content which pinpoints their style and language, through to developing effective paid ad campaigns which drive ROI, the experts at Squarestar Digital are passionate about making a difference to their clients’ organisations.

Drop us an email today to find out more about our services as a leading social media marketing agency.

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