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Who are we?

We work with small, medium and large businesses, running Google Ads, social media advertising, giving training and designing websites too: after all what’s the point in sending people to your website if it doesn’t turn those people into customers?!

We want to help all businesses work effectively online and improve your digital marketing efforts, making the most of your budget and giving you the best ROI.

Need help with SEO, social media, Google ads? We’re happy to chat about what you need and our advice is always free!

It's time to meet

our brilliant team!

Chris Bulman


Chris is one of our champion tea-drinking directors and specialises in social media advertising and training. If you need to know about social advertising and how to make it successful: he’s your man!

Alex Gill

Alex Gill


Alex is our not-so-secret Lord of the Rings fan who loves making companies awesome on Google through SEO and Google Ads!


Susie Bulman


Susie is our grammar-obsessed director who loves a good social media strategy and is fascinated by SEO and by how humans react to what they see online: brains are amazing!

Rebecca Gilchrist

Rebecca Gilchrist

Social Media Marketer

Rebecca is our fabulous content creator and social media writer – who always seems to get the BEST client feedback! She’s a social superstar!

Steve Woolf

Steve Woolf

Senior PPC Account Manager

If you ever want to know anything about Google Ads and PPC, Steve is your guy – his attention to detail is spot on and he’s never happy until a campaign is FLYING!


Michael Milward

Google Ads Specialist

Any Google Ads or PPC account is in super-safe hands with Michael. Some call him a genius… we call him Michael; take your pick!

Aaron Sly

Aaron Sly

Web Development Manager

Aaron does not like rubbish websites – if they don’t work properly or have a poor user experience you can bet he will want to: “Throw it in the sea!”

Luke Lentell

Luke Lentell


Ahhh the unflappable Luke! His web design skills are just brilliant and nothing seems to faze him… not that we try to faze him…honest!

Lauren social media trainer

Lauren Davey

Senior Social Media Marketer

Lauren’s our Senior Social Media Marketer and also our lead Instagram trainer! She’s also chief social organiser. Want to start a convo? Ask her about apples and flour on stairs…

Clifford Green

PPC Account Manager

Cliff has got good gif game as well as superb Google Ads skills! PPC needs focus, precision and research: he’s got the hattrick!




You will be hard-pressed to find someone as organised as this lovely lady! And she runs her own eco company too! Check out Love Refills!


Laura Keeble


Laura is our fabulous bookkeeper and keeps us on the straight and narrow!



Head of client and team happiness

Kallie plays a very important role: her wiggly-ness is hugely entertaining. Her ability to eat absolutely anything is less entertaining (even ear pods!) Hold onto your biscuits!

Our Timeline


Think Social Business

Think Social Business is launched

Chris and Susie Bulman, who have extensive publishing and sales backgrounds, created a social media agency that specialised in managing businesses social media, and social media training.


Hot Leads Daily

Hot Leads Daily is launched

Alex Gill, a Google advertising specialist, creates HLD, serving clients all over the UK with Google and Microsoft advertising.


Squarestar Digital

Squarestar Digital is launched!

HLD and TSB merge to form specialist digital marketing agency Squarestar Digital: specialising in Google Ads, Social Media, SEO and Web Design & Development

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