Social Media marketing training

Training on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok for your team

An amazing session from start to finish. Lauren was extremely helpful and informative. The session has helped a lot and I have gained some very useful knowledge, thank you again! Would definitely recommend to others.” Nicole Berris

*Get LinkedIn working properly for your business

*Use Facebook and Instagram’s data to FIND and build your audience

*Effective social media advertising training

*Tiktok training  – how to ‘go viral’!


From £395 for a bespoke training session with a senior social media marketing director

From £295 for a bespoke Instagram training session with a senior social media marketer


The social media trainers

If you need to know more about social media for your business, Chris, Susie and now Lauren have been training marketers and business owners on social media for years.

Learn how to get your business rocketing on social media with LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Tiktok training. On anything from strategy, to what to post and how, to in-depth advertising.




Susie specialises in improving ROI, advertising and strategy. She is an experienced editor, social media manager and trainer.




Chris is a social media advertising specialist who gives lectures and training on social media use for business.

Lauren social media trainer


Senior Social Media Marketer

Lauren is an Instagram whizz! She’s running the training for Chelmsford businesses at the moment: based in Chelmsford? Contact the council for free training!

Train you or your team on social media now

The Social Media marketing training Team
The 2164Training 2 Team
The 2164Training 1 Team

“Thanks Susie for a great social media training session. It was very insightful and full of great tips on improving social media marketing.”

Kerry Elizabeth

“A huge thank you to Susie, I learnt more from you in 10 minutes than I would have been able to teach myself in months! I’m looking forward to spending more time learning from you soon!x”

Amy burns

“We spent a morning with Chris learning all things LinkedIn. Chris was knowledgeable, professional and experienced. He had reviewed our social media accounts in advance which was fantastic as he was able to give us relevant tips and tricks. More than anything, Chris was highly engaging. The two hours flew by and we left energised and ready to get stuck in! Thanks Chris, I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for social media training.”

Rachel Ward

Social Media for business

Facebook for business

Facebook is historically the biggest converter of sales. It's the place where people will check out your reviews and it's the most powerful platform for consumer data. Training is tailored specifically to you and your business objectives.

Instagram for business

It's fast moving and it's all about the images and videos: learn how to harness the power of Instagram for your business and turn double tappers into customers and clients.

Instagram advertising

Instagram advertising is essential for anyone who wants to get instagram traffic to their website, ecommerce and service led industries can get excellent results with good Instagram advertising.

LinkedIn training

Many businesses underuse LinkedIn but optimising your profiles and making the most of its features can help drive valuable traffic to your website and allow you to engage with the decision makers you would love to talk to.

Facebook advertising

Cost per click is low when you get Facebook advertising right and it's still a lead platform for traffic. From boost post to in-depth advertising.

LinkedIn advertising

Use LinkedIn advertising to find the audience most interested in what you're offering. Drive the right sort of traffic to your website, grow your following or engage with you or your business more personally.

Social Media Marketing Training

As a marketing medium, the social media landscape is constantly evolving. From social media trends, through to new platform updates, the world of social media never sleeps.

As a result, it’s important that marketers and businesses alike have their finger on the pulse in order to ensure their social media platforms can be measured for their success and are performing as effectively as possible.

Social media marketing training with the experts at Squarestar Digital will enable you to develop and refine your skills, helping to ensure your social media strategy and content is always up to scratch.

Why should you invest in social media marketing training?

Measuring the success of your social media platforms can provide businesses and organisations incredibly valuable insights.

Having access to the right tools, skills, knowledge and expertise can enable your social media to become turbo charged.

Effective social media management can ensure you’re always communicating with key decision makers, engaging with your target demographic and building brand awareness.

Social media should complement the rest of your marketing activity.

It should slot in like a piece of a jigsaw, helping to build the bigger picture whilst strengthening and enhancing your marketing outreach. But this isn’t always straight forward.

Social media marketing training can offer you and your team the chance to fully understand how to obtain maximum results for your business.

Make data-driven decisions, gain clarity on what kind of content is working, and measure the success of your previous campaigns.

Social media marketing training will enable you to achieve this in-house.

What does social media marketing cover?

From the initial basics through to tactical and strategic skills, our social media marketing training encompasses everything you need to make your social media presence a success.

Topics we cover include:

  • Social media audits
  • Building your social media personality
  • Collating a social media strategy
  • Creative content
  • Competitor reviews
  • How to build an advertising campaign
  • Understanding social media analytics
  • LinkedIn training

Why use Squarestar Digital for your social media marketing training?

We understand that every business is different – consequently, social media training should never be a one size fits all approach.

After all, a veterinary practice would require a completely different strategy from an investment company.

This is why our social media marketing training is bespoke and adapted to suit your specific needs and requirements.

Get in touch today to find out more about our social media marketing training.


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