Social Media Marketing Essex

Social Media Marketing Essex

Social media from businesses in Essex can and should be some of the best in the UK. If you believe this too, then read on! We help brilliant businesses to plan, create and manage their social media campaigns.

Our team doesn’t want to do the same old social media posting and content. We want to create social media campaigns that create a buzz, that get people clamouring to visit your website.

We work on social media campaigns that are designed to build your audience into people who are willing to hear from you regularly and who get such an affinity and trust with your business that when they are ready to buy, they come to you.

We want to position your business as the one people want to buy from.

Social media advertising budget - get more bang for your buck

Social media advertising budgets vary enormously. What we do is take your budget, work out the best way to spend it for the greatest return, and liaise with you on how to make this digital marketing stuff WORK for your business.

We’ve worked with some fantastic Essex businesses such as Beth Chatto’s Plants & Gardens, the NHS, Tiptree, Chelmsford City Council, DP World London Gateway, and many more. These businesses have been insistent on getting their social media connecting with their audience. They are great businesses: would you like to join the greats?

Social Media Management

Big social media following isn’t always better… but we can do that too

The two main actions we want for you are clicks to your website, and the passing on of their email addresses. All the activities we undertake have these two objectives at their heart. We aren’t just about getting you a large Instagram following: any agency can do that. We work to get an Instagram following that is valuable, not just big. Big doesn’t always mean better!

If ‘big’ social media followings are your objective, though, we can do that too though. We will work with you to find the solutions and methods for achieving the objectives you need.

If you’re not sure of what is right for your business, or of what is possible with social media and social media advertising, then we will work with you to define those and ensure that your social media budget is spent in the most effective way.

Great social media isn’t just done by big London agencies. Great social media is about finding ways to connect with your audience. It’s about understanding your audience, what they react to, what they are interested in. It’s about taking what people relate to and turning your key marketing messages into content that people are genuinely going to be interested in.

Social Media Advertising with Essex Businesses

We are specialists in social media advertising, particularly on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We use the digital marketing pillars in your arsenal to create social media content and social media adverts that compel people to like and share and comment and click!

Let Us Help Grow Your Business

What our clients say...

Great depth of knowledge and understanding across social media platforms. They really do turn social media activity into new business and new leads for us.

Chris Lynch

APC Solutions

Please can you stop the social media adverts? They’re going to so well, we can’t keep up!

Darren Kenyon


We have worked with Squarestar Digital for approximately 5 years. I have found them to be professional, helpful, friendly and easy to work with. Most importantly our business has gone from strength to strength thanks to their expertise on social media and marketing.

Julia Boulton

Beth Chatto's Plants & Gardens


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