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Increasing conversions by 675%!

Seymour House has 10 Early Education Centres for children aged between 6 months and 5 years old and all of them are rated “Outstanding” by Ofsted.They had been using Google Ads to help drive child placements and also to help recruit early years educators with limited success.

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Our Brief

Seymour House wanted to improve their online advertising through paid search and to be more specifically targeted to the needs of each individual centre.

Our Research

We conducted a thorough audit on the account to see what had been set up and delivered so far and what might be missing that would help achieve the goals of Seymour House. Keyword research found some keywords that were not being targeted and others that were, that had not been successful and been wasting their budget. There was no specific location targeting setup, meaning that their budget was also being wasted abroad!

Our Approach

  • Redesign of campaigns and Ad Groups to be targeted to each individual area covered by each Centre with specific location targeting
  • New keyword research carried out alongside review of existing keywords to improve performance
  • Thorough check of all tags and tracking to make sure the forms and calls were being tracked and imported into Google Ads
  • Confirmed budgets and needs of each individual Day Care Centre on a regular basis
  • New Ad Copy designed for each location area
  • New Remarketing banners provided and setup individually for each area and for recruitment and placements

Our Outcome

In the first 3 months we increased conversions by 675% and reduced the cost per lead by 80% in comparison to the previous 3 months!

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