Over 500 leads in 3 months!

Oltco are a “franchise” business and regularly launch new franchises. The objectives were to help each new franchise launch with targeted ad campaigns and generate traffic to their new “Team Pages”.

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Our Strategy

Extensive keyword research done in each new franchise area, to establish the search volume areas. Research into specific locations within each franchise for the most likely “intent to purchase” and target these areas. Reorganise Oltco’s MCC (Manage Account) for better reporting and effectiveness.

  • Location targeting
  • Specific keyword targeting based on analysis
  • Targeting mobile traffic where the majority of search comes from
  • Using display campaigns for brand awareness and specific audience targeting
  • Pixel and code insertion to allow social media retargeting

Our Results

Continued enquiries coming into each franchise and increase in brand awareness

  • Low cost per lead for the industry (<£30)
  • Low average CPC of £1.39 across the franchises
  • Generating 521 enquiries over a 3-month period for 22 franchises
  • Help in generating a further 175 assisted enquiries that started with a paid search ad 

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