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Expanding Sales Through Google Ads

Cornish Cream have 2 shop locations in Cornwall. They were doing no online advertising or specific targeted advertising. They had an online shop (Shopify) and they had a reasonable domain authority for their website

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Cornish Cream
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Our Brief

Cornish Cream were looking to expand their sales through the use of Google Ads Paid Search (PPC) using a combination of search, display and shopping with a modest budget.

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Our Strategy

  • Extensive keyword research done along with in-depth discussion with client about the ideal customer and target keywords.
  • Initial setup and link feed between Shopify, Google Merchant Centre, Google Ads and Google Analytics.
  • Numerous advisements on Shopify and website procedures and content in order to comply with Google Ads T&C’s.
  • Search, display and shopping campaigns created using different strategies based on budget spend and search volume based on the keyword research.
  • Continued support and insights delivered to client which provided information leading to increase in budgets and profits.

Our Outcome

With a measured and careful start, we built up the Google ad spend gradually to the allocated amount over a period of 3-4 weeks. This gave plenty of opportunity to refine keywords, build the negative keyword lists and get the ad creative right.

1st Full Month 558% ROAS!

With further optimisations and strategy testing and refining, we are consistently achieving over 700% ROAS for our client per month.

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