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    Low-Cost Leads Worth Up To


    Franchise Growth in 2 Years


    Return on Investment (ROI)

    300% +

    Low-cost leads

    We helped the Oltco franchise business grow from 2 to 40+ franchises.

    Low cost leads worth up to Β£25,000 per lead!

    We get to know the industry inside and out, enabling us to understand customer motivation & constantly tweak campaigns to get fantastic ROI.

    Sold for


    Leads up by


    Cost per Lead Down by



    We increased leads and reduced the cost per lead with Google ads!

    Pimlico Plumbers have been using Google and Microsoft Ads as a source of leads for over 10 years.
    The changes to Google had meant a rising cost per click and cost per conversion year on year but we worked with them to stop this trend!

    We worked with Pimlico to deliver effective Google and Microsoft Ads Management.

    1st Full Month Return on Ad Spend!


    Cornish Cream

    This ‘delicious’ company wanted more business and Google Ads granted it.

    In their first full month of Google Advertising, using paid search, on a modest budget, their return on advertising spend was 558%.

    We achieved this using a mix of search, display and shopping ads and after having conducted extensive keywords research, and working with the client to fully understand their customer.

    "Alex Gill, and Squarestar Digital, have been instrumental in keeping Pimlico at the forefront of the market for the last few years.Their expertise and understanding of our business has delivered us opportunities through PPC strategies over and beyond our expectation." TONY DAVIDSON

    "Excellent team! Everyone at Squarestar Digital is so professional and passionate about what they do. You're never quite sure how you'll get on with an agency doing your marketing but these guys have been so conscientious and attentive. Our results across PPC and social ads have been fantastic. They help you grow and deliver an excellent experience for your customers. Highly recommended!" Reece Mennie

    "We work with Squarestar Digital on a monthly basis on a range of different projects and have always been delighted with the results. As an agency. they are thorough, passionate and responsive. The whole team are a delight to work with and are always our go-to for any PPC development or web development services." Megan House


    If you already run Google ads campaigns, we give them a full checking over, finding out what could be done better.


    We investigate the ways to improve performance, or we set up your campaigns from scratch.


    There are a few different ways to run Google ads campaigns: we will only use the best and proven methods based on our extensive experience.


    We check campaigns regularly and learn from their performance, constantly working to improve them to get the best ROI possible.

    HOW WE

    We beat London agencies

    We've beaten London agencies on cost for our services and on the results we get for clients. We're not a big agency but our skillset has proven to outstrip what you think you're paying for with a big agency: our professionalism and proof is in the pudding: our clients don't tend to leave!

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    Alex is our not-so-secret Lord of the Rings fan who loves making companies awesome on Google through SEO and Google Ads!



    Senior PPC Account Manager

    If you ever want to know anything about Google Ads and PPC, Steve is your guy – his attention to detail is spot on and he's never happy until a campaign is FLYING!


    PPC Executive

    Cliff has got good gif game as well as superb PPC skills! PPC needs focus, precision and research: he’s got the hattrick!

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